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  1. Hi Team, I have a "point to hinge side" question... I am in Australia and here the accepted convention is the point of the arrow is to the open side and each arm of the arrow touches the location of the hinge (the reverse of northern hem, blame Coriolis Effect). I have tried unticking "point to hinge side" in Preferences Dialoge to no avail. I have tried unticking and re-ticking the layer for "Opening Indicators" hopeing to re-set the view. No luck. I have tried opening a brand new plan and starting from scratch with the the preference settings and layer setting in place, but I still get the opening indicator pointing to the hing side, not the opening side. I am using X14. See attached vector view that I cannot get to display the arrows in reverse. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi there, I'm looking to fill a potential gap from time to time with a talented and highly proficient Chief user, preferably in the Sydney area, but to work remotely from their own computer. I would like a "local" because it means if we need to meet for briefing reasons, we can do this face-to-face and can develop a relationship. If you're from the US and you still think this would work, then I'm open to that. Most of my work is renovations/extension/additions and I'm looking for someone who can produce "existing" plans from my measurements ready for me to design the renovation. Including quirky details such as period corbelling, unusual roof forms, weird lean-to structures at the rear of the property etc. Also set up the file with street-front features such as road and footpath etc. All this is very fiddly takes too big a chunk out of my designing time! I'm gearing up for a big year with plenty of promising prospects, which will be overwhelming if even half of them come off. So my need is not immediate, but I'm getting in early so I can be resourced when the time is right. Please have a look at my website to view some of my portfolio, and get in touch if you think you are interested. Annaleisa.
  3. Hi All, just started using X7 and am having the same crashing experiences but since have yet to start a project in X7, am also using previous version (X6) project files. My main "crashing" happens when in elevation. Also once or twice have got the error message that I should check my video card, but am using a relatively new desktop with appropriate spec according to chief website, so that's not the real problem (I think).