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  1. RobertJ

    New to CA, Just saying Hello

    Oh, found out there is an updated X7 book out on amazon next week from a guy that was recommended on another topic. I will have the ordered the day its available. I like a book that I can add tabs to for stuff I struggle with.
  2. RobertJ

    New to CA, Just saying Hello

    You hit it Kbird, got on with tech yesterday and just needed to save my settings as a template. Little different then what I am used to but I see the value in having multiple ways to open the program and have different parameters to work under.
  3. RobertJ

    New to CA, Just saying Hello

    So if I understand this correctly, there are no defaults saved in the default setting? Seems odd to to have a box called "defaults" that are not a default for everything you do. I started looking at "Anno Sets" and that seems to be a lot of work to just have the program display in inches only. It obviously has a setting to make it Imperial or Metric. So am I to believe that if you indicated metric in the default setting that it would also need to be set back to metric every time you open the program without making an "Anno Set"? Now I am wondering what other stuff I set up as default is not being saved on exit. Almost done with the 4 hr video on Kitchen and baths and it keeps changing back to feet-inches, thought this was just an odd thing that was easy to fix. For now I will just change it to inches every time I open the program, to much basic stuff to learn before going into anything else.
  4. RobertJ

    New User - What should I focus on first?

    I am also a new user and will be looking into the books and website you all recommended. Thanks
  5. RobertJ

    New to CA, Just saying Hello

    Already running into a problem, I like to work in inches for my interiors. Every time I leave CA and return its back to feet and inches. I changed the Dimensions Default (white wrench and white wrench with red check) to inch then tried " and ok'd it and done. Leave comeback and its back to feet and inches? What am I missing?
  6. RobertJ

    New to CA, Just saying Hello

    Just dove in and purchased CA Premier X7, I am watching videos and trying to get up to to speed. Yet another software in a long list of "gota have" stuff in my computer....LOL Just wanted to drop in and say hello, I am sure I will have some questions, so sorry in advance. I used CAD a long time ago and not much. I have mostly been putting stuff together with 20-20 and a pencil for a year now and it is taking me too much time. Hope this helps me make better presentations and boost my sales! Robert