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  1. I am looking for someone to fine tune our in house designs...just construction prints wanted back.....I use HD Pro, 2016, need it sent back to me so we can upload and use... tonybaiardi@gmail.com PM me
  2. I have home pro...cant print large enough. Looking to purchase a license for a older version of premier or whatever works to be able to print on D size paper... Thanks Tony
  3. ajeb1958

    Seeking Builder in New Baltimore Michigan

    call Tony http://baiardiconstruction.com/ 231-838-1884
  4. I have Home designs...looking for someone going or bought 8 and wants to sell 7.. thanks
  5. I am a designer /builder in MI... I am looking for a draft person to finish some of my work...
  6. ajeb1958

    Tool bar is gone?

    New user for about two months..designed several homes...turn on today and no tool bar on top...been trying for a hour and can't fix...anyone help? Thanks