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  1. Gotcha! Thank you. I should be able to get it down now. Thanks Kbird
  2. Oh!, I didn't realize I have two accounts. I only registered once. I will be careful to only use the home talk one. Thanks for the links. I will check them out.
  3. I have searched and watched several videos and can't find what I need. Yes, Home Designer Pro.
  4. Can anyone provide a link to the video that shows how to make these curved roofs over windows. Thanks, Brian D
  5. I ended up just using a few straight terrain lines perpendicular to the curve and it lessened the steepness. Ramp? I'll have to check that out!
  6. As always, great help here on Chieftalk!! My project is coming along nicely. Thank you so much. Brian D
  7. Anyone know how to quickly level a driveway widthwise? I have a curved driveway that slopes over the length of it, which is ok, I only want to level it by width. The modifier 'level region(cut/fill)' doesn't work because it levels the entire driveway over length and width. If I do small sections at a time it will look choppy. Also a separate question. Can I select an area to modify that already exists? like if I click on the entire driveway and want to use that shape to modify instead of clicking a modifier first and having to create a poly line matching an existing shape I have already made? Thanks for any help. Brian D
  8. Whoa Mark, that's advanced! Thank you. I'll check that out.
  9. Got the dimension tool to work using the parallel tool. I did get the arrows to get bigger on the CAD line, but never could get the dimension to show up bigger by changing the default text style....anyway, it looks how I need now. Thanks everyone!!
  10. The line I'm talking about goes from the bottom right corner to the left side of the little box (driveway). Again, maybe I did it the wrong way...I used a CAD Line and simply opened the object and selected show arrows and show dimension. They are there, but too small. I did try to use a dimension tool, but could not get the angle/end points correct. The CAD Line allows me to set the angle to any fraction of a degree I want.
  11. Zoomed way in and they are there. At that zoom, I'm only showing 50' of the road frontage. I need the dimension and arrows to show when I'm looking/printing the full 900'. Is that possible? Thanks.
  12. I have a simple straight CAD line on my lot plan. No buildings, just laying out the property to setup driveway/parking areas. I selected 'show arrows' and 'show dimensions'. They don't show up. Any ideas? I checked the display table...everything is check marked. Line weights, color, etc look good. Thanks.
  13. bddemers

    Wine Country Retreat

    House & Shop/Guest House with archway to rear entry Garages on sloping terrain. Just getting started with terrain...