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  1. KarenHamilton

    Tabs/views in 2017

    I upgraded yesterday from Professional 2014. Still trying to figure out new features. 1. When I have multiple windows displayed in a split screen, I would prefer at times to just maximize one. I do not see an option for this on the upper right corner of any view. Just as X to close it all together. 2. I cannot get the Room Label Text to be the default for room labels. It defaults to custom. I checked my Text Styles and I checked the Tools/Layer Display Options. Room Label Style is listed there as the default text style for Room Labels. I have to individually click each room label to change it from custom to the style I want. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. KarenHamilton

    Room defaults option missing

    I used to be able to set floor and wall material options in the plan defaults. Now, when I select Edit>Default settings>Rooms> and select, for instance, Kitchen/Bath/Utility Room, I only see a structure tab and am not able to set materials. Any idea how to restore the ability to set a default floor and wall material? Thanks.
  3. KarenHamilton

    3d backdrops no longer showing up

    I cannot seem to show 3d backdrops in camera views of any kind. I've been a Chief user since 1997 and this has never been an issue. I have also lost the ability to add artwork to a frame. I am using Home Designer Pro 2014.