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  1. 3 hours ago, builtright3 said:

    The reason I said that is because I felt bad from all the comments. I hate to see people give up on such a great forum. It sounds like you just insulted me, that was un cool!!!

    Indeed. I did insult you.   Forgive me.   When I see simple question posted by a newbie degrade into nonsense, I just have to vent on someone!  This time I chose you, :)  Thanks for your thoughtful responses... Live long and prosper!  Long live CA!

  2. On ‎4‎/‎28‎/‎2019 at 5:31 PM, builtright3 said:

    I think we chased off Henry and Pitchfork!

    I really do believe that someone should delete this whole thread. Its just taking up space. Just a thought


    Yes, it is always a good thing to chase off members!  A simple question degraded into insults and humiliation. Keep up the good work.  You do know that 'Joe Cool' aka Snoopy was a complete failure at being 'cool', just like you...

  3. CA is so much more than just an architectural design program. I use it to design logos, signs, custom cabinets, preliminary subdivision and commercial site layouts, landscaping plans, impervious surface calculations, CAD based pier,dock and bulkhead  designs, simple models for 3D printers (just did a soap dish for my brother-in-law, worked perfectly),  Right now I'm using it to design N-scale model rail road structures and track designs...Also working on some quilt pattern designs for my wife   The list of possibilities of the program keeps growing and that's why I keep upgrading! 


    Tax revaluation just came in on one of my properties at 1700 sq. ft.  No way, 1500 at best!  CA to the rescue!  Submitted an as built plan, no questions, Lowered my tax bill by enough to pay for a another  upgrade!  :) 



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  4. WOW! Not sure how to answer. You can do a lot of work with X8 I think that was the last version that will let you convert some of the older files, so you should definitely keep that version working. As far as upgrading, I do it every year, even though I am semi-retired and could probably get by with an older version. It's an investment that keeps getting better, keeps the mind sharp, and just plain fun to use. I can always sell it if I get to bored. What other software company out there will let you sell your license for a small transfer fee?  Its a win-win!

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  5. 6 minutes ago, HumbleChief said:

    Yeah Jenna just went on and on and on - line management tool? Simple but huge. Multi reference floor and elevations? So many applications. Fixed the PDF auto update thingy...Floor assemblies...Pony walls for stairs, glass walls, shower doors, the list really is way too long to cover.


    I was just fighting with a large multi-divided line for about twenty minutes, removing redundant lines, this is indeed huge!!!!

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  6. Unfortunately, I am in the process of moving to a new house right now. Everything is in shambles. Boxes literally  stacked to the ceiling! Out of town right now packing up more stuff.  After viewing your pic it seems like I remember seeing them in a desk drawer, not in a box... Will check when I get back.. Should know by first of next week... Hope I can help you out.  

  7. The best place for this type of question is the 'General Q&A Forum'...  The 'Seeking Services Forum' is for mainly for people looking for 'paid' services above and beyond the normal... Your question definitely qualifies as a 'freebee'... :)  

  8. $3200 is a lotta PC


    be sure you need that kind of oomph for your Chief needs


    most chiefers can get by nicely with approx. $1500 PC's


    it is very easy to "overkill" with the specs




    $1500, I think it is doable, what would you recommend?  Me, I can't resist the 'oomph' :P,  Heck, I remember paying $8,800 for a 11 Mb hard drive way back when...



  9. With the capability to store wall definitions in the library now, why doesn't CA just put the wall definitions in the library and avoid users having to deal with two different locations to access them...


    For that matter, I'd like to see the capability to store any 'object' in the library, especially roof planes with all their attributes intact...