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    Onsite Training Adelaide

    Hi, I'm an architect located in rural nsw with some Home Designer Pro application use; the software is not particularly difficult and is an iterate process that any capable designer with drafting Background can learn very quickly. Having only returned to the forum just noticed your post. hope it worked out for you.
  2. I've got it - it seems some things can be changed in Chief that can't be in HDPro? beyond me. Another marketing to DIY-ers - as I keep getting told. See attached. Thanks for the input. Cheers.
  3. I have tried this widow feature in HDPro - but without success, and hence ventured to my Chief Premier trial copy to see if the feature is any better here; Doesn't seem that changing the slope of the glazed roof section is possible - ; This is Not one of the parameters available; Can anyone do this another way? The dimensional variables are determined by the three radio buttons sizes that are available. Often I use glazed sections that match a roof pitch - or are a continuation of this pitch. Looks better. This window object won't allow that? or will it? See attached screen shot for clarification of my issue. Thanks.