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    Sending plan file to older version

    If you're hoping for Adobe or MS-style "Save as Version ........" then you're out of luck. In my experience (20+ years in software development), a development team needs a structured development methodology and rigorous QA and control over its file structure to achieve backwards compatibility. Given CA's repeated history of needing half a year's updates to make any new major release )X5, X6, X7....) as stable as the previous fully updated major version, I guess it doesn't have a structured development methodology nor rigorous QA so I would guess we'll never see backwards compatibility in this product.
  2. ChrisB

    X7 Is Slow As Hell On New Imac 5K ?!?

    It's always easy for software developers to point to new hardware or OS and say "Maybe that's to blame......". The problem is it's often not the hardware or the OS but something a developer altered without noticing when they fixed something else, or added new functionality. The problem with CA is that every major release that comes out seems to have stability problems and it seems to take 3 or 4 patch releases until the new version is as stable as was the previous version. My current issue with X7 is when I do an undo with a complex model; CA goes into a 30 minute silence during which it displays a "Building 3D Model, Generating Surfaces" progress box which hangs at about 20%, memory usage soars to 6.3Gb, it then displays a "Not enough memory to complete operation...Close all windows, save all work, exit application........" error, which if I click "OK" it magically completes the operation. This happens on both machines I tried X7 on. It does not happen in X6. Maybe it's because both machines use Intel 4400 graphics chips, I don't know and I don't care because it doesn't happen on the same machines in X6. CA shouldn't be using its users to do its QA. When CA puts out a new release it should be at least as stable as the previous release. CA should also add the option to export files compatible with previous versions. At least then I wouldn't be faced with needing to rebuild an entire model in X6 because X7 is not yet production quality.
  3. ChrisB

    "Building 3D Model" message-box

    Thank you for the kind replies! I just updated to Build and the problem is fixed!
  4. I have a model with two floors, originally created in X5. If I load it into X6, create a floor camera view on the 1st floor, and then return to the 1st floor plan view to edit walls (or anything else), a "Building 3D Model" message-box appears as shown in the attached screen-shot. This is very frustrating and is making progress painfully slow. Is there a Preference I can set to stop this happening? Thank you for any help.
  5. ChrisB

    I was complaining about X6 being slow.

    For me buying a new PC, or upgrading this 2012 Samsung, every time I upgrade software is not an option. I didn't need to do it when I upgraded from Adobe CS3.3 > CS6 or from Office 2003 - 2013 and I don't see (especially given the relatively small incremental improvements between X5 and X6) why I should need to do it for CA X6.