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    My awesome family, James 1:27, African orphans, off road vehicles, design and good food.
  1. Bwana_Daudi

    Ontario, Canada

    Hi Leanne, I'm in Bracebridge. My name is Dave. I operate a design company called Silver Creek Designs and I use Chief exclusively. Feel free to email me if you want to...
  2. Bwana_Daudi

    Trial Version

    Thanks guys. It was video card issues. We solved it temporarily by turning off RAM guzzling features. To permanently fix the issue he is upgrading his hardware.
  3. Bwana_Daudi

    Trial Version

    I'm hiring a new draftsman who is not familiar with Chief. He has loaded the trial version to experiment but cannot see anything generated in elevations, or 3d views. Has anyone seen this before? It appears that the image is there (I can click and get a dialog box) but I can only see a white screen.