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  1. Yes I caught that after I uploaded the file and corrected that and ran plan check with no success.
  2. Sorry Doug I was unclear, it's the Living Area. It's only displayed on the first floor. My only fix was to at a text macro to calculate it. Thanks for you time.
  3. yeah I did it on each floor I was having the issue with no luck. I read someone else had my same luck with it not working.
  4. I found the frustration of others through the search. Plan check did not solve the problem. I ended up using a text macro to solve it. Weird why it appears to be happening within the past few months. Thanks
  5. Any ideas why square footage is only being displayed on the first floor and not the basement and second? Chase Full Foundation.plan
  6. Thanks Ryan, I have no idea how that happened. Yeah that's how build here, we build w/ 2x6 walls and ladder frame the end joists to carry the weight. The siding overlaps the brick below.
  7. Any clue on why my brick to grade is not displaying on my exterior views? Blake Full Basement.plan
  8. Toggle textures that was it, never knew! Thanks
  9. Thanks guys, the check mark for floor supplied... was it. I figured out the pony wall thing too. One other thing I've noticed from on of the Chief updates is that the perspective full overview standard view has a lot less detail shown. i have to do a rendering to get a half decent pic. Mick, I see your overview looks good. Is that a render? I have attached my view. Is there a setting I changed?
  10. That didn't work for me. When I tried to input your numbers, it would make others change and that's the reason it feels like I'm chasing my tail. It won't let me keep all of the inputs without changing ones I just put in. Also, your numbers aren't what I am trying to do. The garage floor should be on top of the 2' garage stem wall. I have attached the detail.
  11. I'm chasing my tail on trying to get my model to build they way I want it. I have attached the plan with a CAD "wall detail" on how I would like it to build. One of the problems I have when I try to get the garage floor to be on top of the stem wall, it says it has a negative room value. I also for some reason the material for the lower pony wall is being put way below grade. I can not figure it out and any help would be much appreciated! Mike Weston Full Basement.plan
  12. Thank you both for bringing that to my attention. I amazes me how the hell you guys ever figure those out. It such a small tweak that matters in the end. I've never had a problem with basement walls like that before. P.S. Michael, I love the Macro you made for me. It works flawlessly with my total station!!!!!! Thanks, Mike
  13. I thought that was it but I changed all of those to the default and still no luck. I did a cross section and then a story pole dimension and its coming up with the first measurement as 6 1/2". That's not correct as its only 4" concrete but I guessing that is my problem because there's my 2 1/2" difference. Just can't figure it out.
  14. I'm pulling my hair out on why this is not dimensioning out correctly. I have in the defaults 10' poured foundation, 10" 1st floor assembly, 9'-1 1/8" 1st floor, 10" 2nd floor assembly and 8'-1 1/8" 2nd floor. Any clue why the basement is coming up 2 1/2" bigger?! Thanks, Mike 09022020.plan
  15. I recently bought a robotic total station to stake my homes. I clicked on the "Plan Footprint" to get my foundation footprint and exported that to both a dxf and a dwg file to import into my data collector but it says that it does not have any x,y or z information. Does anyone have experience with what I am trying to do or knows how? I can manually input the points or corners of the house into my data collector but that is redundant and could lead to errors. Thanks, Mike
  16. Joey so you just use one file the whole design process?
  17. When I start a new project I name it the customers name followed by todays date. Every day I rename it with a new date. When I eventually send it to the layout on that date it has that file name of that date. My problem is I have to relink the layout with the latest version going forward. Is there a way to automatically do this and is there an automatic way that it populates a "new revision" using a macro? Thanks, Mike
  18. I've never had that issue before. Thanks for the fix Chris.
  19. Can anyone tell me when you use the align below on the first floor I get fractions like 15/16"? It should be whole numbers. Thanks, Mike 04082020.plan
  20. I'm glad it's not just me Rob. Michael I opened your file & the garage frost walls need to go down 24" plus the 12" footer. The floor is the only thing that will move down. I'll take Rob's advise & send it to tech support. Thanks,
  21. I've tried guys & come up short. I want the garage concrete floor to be 30" below the subfloor. The concrete floor sits on top of a 24" stem/frost footing. Garage walls being high enough that I can get casing around the man door going into the house. It seems really simple but I can't!!! Lot 13 112519.plan
  22. Wow guys thanks for the detailed explanation. I stepped out of the office & I am looking & considering these options. Quickly looking at this it looks like Steve you did not drop the footer down in the garage 32". This would give me the header room for the garage doors. I never knew or notices the "shelf ceiling". Thanks again!
  23. Joey, I looked through the bdx & I think I have it setup correct. Solver, I inputted the values & it didn't accomplish what I need. If I normally have a garage wall framed at 133 1/8" (121 1/8" + 11 1/4" joist + 3/4" sub floor) to match my first floor walls, I want to lower all of the garage walls 32" below the first floor walls including the 24" stem wall & footer. I realize I would have a girder truss or beam to support the second floor that is above the garage.
  24. I'm trying to drop the garage down 32" so the shed roof will not interfere with windows. When I do that it drags the second floor down with it. When I go back up & raise the second floor back to where it belongs it pulls the garage back up. What am I missing?!?!?!?!? Lot 13 111819.plan