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    Railing/Wall Intersections

    Anybody have any idea whats going on with the intersections of these deck railings and the exterior walls? Cant get the original default siding to go away at the intersection. Have tried editing default material and making adjustments with the wall layer extents tool.
  2. MTL-Homes

    Railing/Wall Intersections

    Thanks for advice. Eventually solved problem using wall specification/materials. Even though the lower exterior wall indicated "no change" I was able to select it and change the material to the appropriate material in the plans material list.
  3. MTL-Homes

    Wall Material No Change

    Anyone know why exterior material on a wall would be set to "No Change" ? Every time I try to change it it reverts back to default material. Have deleted it, redrawn it Tried different wall types, but this particular wall won't let me change exterior material.
  4. MTL-Homes

    Wall Material No Change

    Okay, Thanks, Just reset wall materials for all three rooms to default materials using room materials tab. Then used wall materials tab to reset to desired material. Seems to have worked.
  5. MTL-Homes

    Wall Material No Change

    Hmm. Three Porches in a row. Separated by walls. All three have "No Change" in the room definition dialogue "materials" specification, but only having trouble changing wall material on one particular wall. Not actually sure how wall materials get set to "No Change" in the room definition dialogue.
  6. MTL-Homes

    Wall Material No Change

    Thanks, I'll investigate further looking at room settings. It's a wall between two "Porches" Have a wall at the other end of the center porch that isn't having the same problem.
  7. MTL-Homes

    So So Frustrated - Deck Just Up And Dissappears

    Hi Larry,. I also always check keep deck framing and uncheck auto rebuild deck framing, but when I change a deck room from Deck to Unspecified all my deck framing still disappears In my current situation I have custom deck framing under a 3 season room and want to change the room to unspecified so my electrical outlets don't show up as weather proof. Have you run into this problem ? Chuck MTL Homes
  8. Trying again to attach .jpg . Should show problem of fascia not matching when different pitches intersect in 3D. In real life not a problem, just trim the fascia off flat on the bottom of the steeper pitch or make the appropriate miter cuts. Constructive replies only please.
  9. Trying to figure out how to make the fascia match up in 3D on a gable end when the roof pitch changes. see attached drawing
  10. MTL-Homes

    Matching Fascia With Different Roof Pitches

    Thanks Gawdzira. I'll mess with it this evening. Been using CA for 8 years or so (self taught) and obviously don't visit the forum much. Have encountered this problem a couple of times before and managed to work around it by messing with roof framing settings, but since building has picked up and I'm really busy these days thought I'd check to see if anyone had other ideas before I spent too much time on it. It would be nice to be able to draw it the way its going to be built with both rafters landing on 97 1/8 inch top plates 9 1/4 inch rafters on the 10:12 pitch and 5 1/2 inch rafters on the 3:12 pitch. If I come up with any other solutions I will be sure to post them on this thread.
  11. MTL-Homes

    Can't Select Deck Framing Components

    Never mind I guess Deck Framing was locked in layer display options .
  12. For some reason I suddenly can't select deck framing components ie: beams, posts, joists on my current plan in 2d view to modify them. Can select them in 3d. Never had this problem before