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  1. We have a design department in Sebastopol CA and are looking for a draftsperson to help with our Senior designers work load.
  2. Iremodel

    Kitchen with Conservatory

    Expanding a kitchen with glass and columns
  3. From the album: Kitchen with Conservatory

    Coffered ceiling and Island

    © jeffrey rexford, Gordon Resse Construction

  4. From the album: Kitchen with Conservatory

    An addition that includes skylights and windows

    © jeffrey rexford, Gordon Resse Construction

  5. I design kitchens, baths, vaulted ceiling etc with Tape light and LED recessed can lights. Neither of which are in the libraries. I can change the lighting labels for the LED recessed cans but its a pain. The only thing that I've tried to simulate tape lights is to resize a florescent light but it does not work well in Raytrace. Any ideas? When will C.A. update the lighting libraries to reflect the new technologies? Jeffrey Rexford UDCP
  6. Iremodel

    Exterior Patio/Trellis

    I designed a stone patio with trellis above for a client in Clayton Ca. Project is under construction now.
  7. From the album: Exterior Patio/Trellis

    New Stone patio off existing kitchen, sun control trellis. Outdoor entertaining for client.

    © Jeffrey r Rexford at Gordon Reese Construction Inc.