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  1. Good Morning from Galveston, TX. Michael,


    Hope you're well. Hey, I'm looking for the video you did on switching levels and changing Anno/Layer sets using the macro table icons. would you mind pointing me there?



    1. mrscott


      That's it! Thanks. Following my request to you about setting up a work flow, I may experiment with this concept a bit more to see if it is possible to incorporate this technique. It would add the missing link (changing levels (floor)) when selecting the Annotation Set (which triggers the Layer Set) I am striving to configure. 

      I realize this is not your workflow method but if you have are able to configure a template as I described I will compensate you. With that said, I am going to purchase a few of your tools. They may help me get my feet wet with macros. I'll review tool list and send you a request to purchase.

      Thanks again,


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