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  1. Mick, Thanks for the tip. I wasted a lot of time last week when when rendering seemed to cause freezing and crashes. Having to relabel a several fixtures sent me to the right post to find the solution today. Liz
  2. I just had same problem. Rolled back Nvidia driver and it seems to bee working now. It's a GTX 970M in Sager laptop, using X9 now. Liz
  3. It works for the cabinet in the 3d but the countertop is lost. I put a custom counter over it and that made it work in plan and 3d. Seems like we could do it without a workaround a few versions ago. Liz
  4. I was having this problem and this is the only thread I found about it. The cabinet runs perpendicular to the wall opening and the end disappears on the plan no matter how I place it. On 3d the cabinet shows but countertop is missing. Add a custom top and both plan and 3d look correct. Liz
  5. Thank you. I will try this when I have a little time. Seems like CA could make sliders an option for cabinets. Nest stop Suggestion forum. Liz
  6. Thanks, Mark. So a work around is necessary. Thanks for the tip and for letting me know I'm not alone in needing them at times. Liz
  7. Has anyone found a way to have sliding doors in a base cabinet? Doesn't come up in a search so I figure no one else needs them or there is something obvious I am missing. Liz
  8. Thanks for the response, Michael. Looks like it may be an issue with my computer. I'm working on a monitor attached to laptop. When I drag the dbx to the laptop screen, the eyedropper works. It used to work on the monitor so maybe it's just getting old and quirky. Seems to work fine otherwise.
  9. When changing fill color on a shape or 2d symbol, using the eyedropper in the color select dbx is giving me strange results. Moving the eyedropper around the screen does not pick up color under it. Sometimes it is only black or gray no matter what color I am over. Can work around fairly easily but this seems line a bug unless there is a setting I can't find. It worked to select fill color from another object in plan in X7. Not sure if this started with X8 or more recently. Anyone else experienced this? Liz
  10. It was an Adobe Reader problem. In case anyone else has it: in the menu: Edit/Preferences/Page display: check "show large images" Don't know how it got unchecked. Images were showing a day or two before. Liz
  11. Here are the plan and layout files. It isn't only this plan and this plan was fine the last time I was in it. I just opened a layout file that I hadn't worked on in a few days and had the same problem printing, both CA pdf and Cute pdf. I'm working in X8 on a new Sager laptop running Windows 10. Adobe Reader DC (that so far I dislike intensely) but also looks the same in Cute pdf Pro. Thanks, Liz Arsenic2.layout Arsenic2.plan
  12. When I send this layout to print to pdf, either with CA pdf or Cute pdf, all I get is a grey box on the print. Attaching screen shots of the layout sheet, view in Adobe (it's same in Cute pdf Pro), and print dbx. I've tried several times, including a plan page, and get same results. Closed program, reopened, same results. It worked fine in this file a few days ago. Open another layout for another project. Printed plan to pdf fine. Took camera view, sent to layout, printed that layout page to pdf and go the gray box again. Any ideas of what to check? Thanks, Liz
  13. Thanks again. Hopefully it will all be easier with X8.
  14. Wow. Thanks, Michael. Have to drag the center past the end of the wall. And it is either all or nothing. But that works for storefront. Liz
  15. Here's the file, I'm pretty sure this time. But I guess Joe is confirming it is an X7 thing. Thanks, Joe, for letting me know it's not just me. LizWindow test.plan