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  1. Thank you everyone for your input. I really appreciate your time!
  2. Thank you, that was very helpful!
  3. Hi Folks, I am curious what UPS/Surge protector you may be using and what you feel the best choices are. I am getting ready to put one on my CAD system and thought I would ask around first. Thanks in advance! John
  4. Hi Rene, I get it now! Thank you very much! What are the advantages of using "text" versus "rich text"? Thanks again, John
  5. Hi Rene, Thank you for the update. However, I don't have the attributes in my text DBX for X14. I also checked for any program updates, and seem to have the latest version. I also compared the Chief Blueprint font from the X13 data folder to the X14 data folder. The X14 folder has several extra fonts for bold, italic, etc. The X13 folder only has the TTF file. Maybe Chief is upgrading the quality of the font. Either way, it is creating havoc for my older files. Thoughts? John
  6. Hi Folks, I upgraded from X13 to X14 yesterday and immediately noticed that the font spacing changed in my existing X13 files! I think it is the spacing between lines. My leaders don't line up with the text any more. I am forced to go into each view and re-align the leader to the text. I think that when I upgraded, the X14 Chief Blueprint font overwrote the X13 font in the Windows Fonts folder. My question is how do I go back to the previous font when accessing my X13 files? Thanks, John