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  1. I guess if the AR app is written in Unity, it might be a straightforward port to target the Quest, otherwise, would have to rewrite.
  2. I didn't know about the AR 3D Viewer. Will have to try it out. Thx.
  3. Thanks, Shawn. I guess supporting the Quest natively (untethered) would require a complete rewrite. Unless someone comes out with a viewer on the Quest that can render DWG or DXF models. Or if Chief Architect comes out with a viewer that can render .plan files. This is for the Go and doesn't seem to accept model files, but something like this on the Quest would be good.
  4. Hi @nematode, unfortunately my rift setup never worked for me. I did pre-order the Quest 2, but not sure if the quest series is supported. Hi @ShawnCannata, do you know if Quest 1 is supported ? I guess we'll have to find out about Quest 2 once it comes out. Support for the Quest series would be a game changer because of the price point. Thanks, -- John
  5. I think your issue is different. Your VR Status shows "No Virtual Reality Headset Connected". On mine it shows "Running" (see image below) ...
  6. Hi Shawn, I've started up Steam VR and Oculus in multiple combinations. Oculus first and then Steam VR. Steam VR first which starts up Oculus, etc. I've also setup the room limits via Guardian as well. My Steam VR home and other apps shows up fine, but as soon as I enable VR on Chief Architect, my viewport goes blank. But it's so close to working since I can see it on my monitor and I can use the controllers to teleport to different locations in my house. Thanks.
  7. I am running X12 with Oculus Rift and Steam VR When I "Toggle Virtual Reality", the camera view on my PC does show the dual image, and head tracking works. Unfortunately, nothing shows up on my Oculus Headset. Is it a graphics card issue ? I have the Radeon RX 480 graphics card with the latest driver. Thanks