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  1. strand systems in Irving Texas. We do it all
  2. briang552014

    Fort Worth Texas Designer

    I havent been on here in so long. I would be glad to give you a hand. give me a shout. Brian
  3. briang552014

    Interior Design Rendering Help Wanted

    I would be glad to help. You can see some of my exterior renderings at my website. I think I also have one interior rendering. Brian www.ntdsolutions,net
  4. briang552014

    Fort Worth Texas Designer

    Hi Everybody, Looking around for anybody who might need Chief Architect help. Let me know what you might need. You can check out some of my designs on my website @
  5. I might be able to help, Visit my website to see some of my work.
  6. briang552014

    Looking For Chief User In Fort Worth Texas

    Im in Fort Worth area. check out my website. for samples of my work.
  7. briang552014


    Worked perfectly Humble, Thank you so much for your help. I knew I could count on you guys.
  8. briang552014


    Sorry, thought I did, hit the jpg by mistake
  9. briang552014


    Hi everybody, I have been using chief for a very long time, but I still come across this issue. I need rock around the stove area and the fireplace, but no matter what i do, it shows as the default paint color. If I add a stone wall in another room, it works fine. can someone please help. Driving me crazy. Thank you Brian MONCRIEF 1.plan
  10. I'd be happy to take a look at it for you.
  11. I'd be happy to take a look at it for you.
  12. briang552014

    Sub Out Work For Our Home Plans

    Wrong section Trey. Here is a link to my website for work that I have done. Give me a call and we can discuss time frames and costs involved. Brian
  13. briang552014

    Random Slivers Of Materials That Won't Delete

    Not sure how to fix the issue, I have had the same thing happen to me in the past. seems like one of those things that just jacked around with until it went away. I know no help, but I just wanted to say that looks like a really great house. Good job
  14. briang552014

    Post The Plan?

    Thanks Perry, Frustration speaking.
  15. briang552014

    Post The Plan?

    Really? What is the reason. I understand that it would help to post the plan on here, but there are people on here that have seen the problem shown in a picture and have an answer to how to fix it. If you have to ask to post the plan, it can be thought that you just want a free Chief Model. I put a bunch of work into my plans just to post them on here for anyone to take anytime. Really? I've used Chief for many years and can figure out what most of the problems are on here. So if you have to ask to post the plan. Just don't and move on to another sucker. The Pic is a plan of mine for example that I would not want anyone to be able to call their own.