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  1. JeremyKing

    Library Scripts

    Didn’t know you could just drag them over. I will try that on Monday.
  2. JeremyKing

    Library Scripts

    Chief Architect advised against this as if someone is using a library it will not be available for the other students and might have worse affects.
  3. JeremyKing

    Library Scripts

    I was wondering if anyone has ever built a script that loads a folder full of additional libraries that were downloaded to your machine instead of spending time clicking on each library. I am a teacher and have 27 machines and its very hard to keep all of the libraries on all of the machines for the students to browse, and I dont want to have them click and run every single one. I am looking for a one stop file that does this for them. Any help would be great. Thanks
  4. JeremyKing


    Grey Technologies in Austin is a good place. I know she deals with Educational institutions but I dont know if she would also train outside of that. Debbie Gray 13062 Highway 290 West Austin, Tx 78737 1-512-264-2075