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  1. KrenzyRyan

    Pickled...Roof Suggestions Required - PICS

    Thanks for the suggestions. Based on Eric's post, this isn't looking easy Would a flat roof be possible?
  2. KrenzyRyan

    Pickled...Roof Suggestions Required - PICS

    Unfortunately not... We are trying to take advantage of having the back window viewing area. Yes, the file is attached in the original post.
  3. Hey All! Looks like a great community, pretty new to Sketchup - went through my first permit process, design, and construction with our garage (large building on the left). We are now attempting to add a large area on the back (the white section). I could use help and suggestions for how to roof over this area. We would love to have 10' ceilings like our new garage. Here are my goals: Raise the middle section of the house to 10' ceilings (like the garage) - indicated by the blue arrow. Cover the new section, also with 10' ceilings - somehow keeping a similar pitch, etc. Keep the the remaining part of the house intact, unchanged (the left area in RoofPicHelp1.jpg). Thanks for any suggestions you might have! RedfieldMAIN - Redfield Today - Roof help.plan