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  1. Thanks Robert for the quick description to the problem and thank you Ross for the video, it was great, I got it, though I couldn't see the bottom tool bar to see what exactly what tools you were using, I had to play it several times but got it. Thanks Robert & Ross for the help. Steve Joslyn Allied Building Contractors, LLC CA 7X Mac OS Yosemite
  2. I am trying to create an arched front porch gable end. I was able to clip one side of the arch but I do not remember how I was able to do this. I started with a rectangle solid and removed the arch by creating a cylinder and removing the union of the two shapes. Next I created a box, and edited to a triangle, I can't remember or recreate this, and overlaid it on the arched rectangle and removed the union. I cannot figure out how to get the box/rectangle to edit to a triangle. Is there an easier way of creating this front porch feature? Does CA have a library catalog that has this feature or is there somewhere that I can download one? Thanks, Steve
  3. Thanks for giving me direction. The walls were spec'd as No Room Def. When I reduced the floor plan I just moved walls, it seems CA has some weird results that don't seem to logical, but just change on their own. It makes for a confusing program. Thanks again!
  4. I made changes to a design by reducing the room sizings, when I did this I lost the Room Specification for the room and lost the floor system to the room. I aligned the foundation walls and 2nd floor walls to the 1st floor layout. Now I cannot regain the Room Specification for these rooms and there does not seem to be any help from the manual. Is there an easy fix that I'm just not seeing or do I have to start from new? Steve J CA X7 iMac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 Plan
  5. Thanks David, that was a great video. CA has nothing like it or if it does it is so hard to find specific videos for what I am looking for. Steve
  6. I am trying to create a home with a full basement under one section of the home and the others are slabs on a 5' frost wall (here in VT we need this). I am having problems getting the floor levels to all align. When I change the setting for the structure in the M.Bdrm (in Room Spec) and hit OK, the changes are not incorporated and switch back to original settings. How do I get all of the floors to align? Steve
  7. Thanks David, I'll give this a try. As I have several different structures this might be the easiest and fastest way to handle this. Steve
  8. I've used Tech Support many times and they do a great job of sorting out problems either in the design or, usually, in some setting. I send them a .zip file and take screen shots to direct their efforts more efficiently and to let them see what/where my problem is. Steve
  9. I am trying to place several structures on a sloping terrain and all of the structures stay at the same floor reference height as the first structure that I drew. I want to put a cabana on a pool deck that sits about 8 feet lower then the main house. How do I get different structures to sit on the sloping terrain? I have X7.