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  1. Nice rendering. Did you find a good add on renderer?
  2. ReddJammer


  3. It's really odd. I'm able to change the wall material if I pick the wall and change each one individually. It won't change based on the default calding for the specific wall type.
  4. It's a 2nd floor where the windows are. I also have a Dutch Hip Roof with the same problem. I've never encountered this issue in previous versions.
  5. My gable wall has a different cladding but the 3D view and rendering show the cladding from the wall below it even though they are two different wall types.
  6. It ended up being on a different layer than I thought which was locked. Thanks
  7. I've already deleted the cabinet. Only the sink is left. I also found a bathtub that can't be deleted too.
  8. I have to rework a kitchen. I have deleted all the cab inets but I can not delete a rectangular apron sink I used. It shows in all the views but I can't select it to delete it.
  9. I imported a plan created in V10 into X7 and the exterior wall sheathing is showing through the siding and roofing. What needs to be adjusted for that not to happen?