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  1. tomfeehan

    Window Casing Custom

    How kind of both of you, MoeGia & Rpadge, quick response and I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out from here. I am a fan of WindsorONE products and the link shows the style of profiles I will be using on this upcoming project. Included below is the first preliminary pic sent to customer. I will be detailing out exterior with similar moldings at eaves, columns, etc. Again, thanks for the help.
  2. tomfeehan

    Window Casing Custom

    I'm relatively new to this . . however . . . I'm assuming Chief allows an easy way to create window trim options, in this case I'm looking for a Craftsman casing design that I can use in the default section so I don't have to go around and apply custom moldings individually to every window interior. Can anyone help? Much appreciated!
  3. tomfeehan

    Ultimate Desktop

    Just a comment about monitor choice, fast machines are nice but, in terms of time spent working on a project, the larger and higher res the monitor the less zooming in and out. Definitely saves time drawing. I have a 2 monitors and one is a Asus 4k. Really nice! ($600 though)
  4. tomfeehan

    The Ultimate Laptop Computer

    I to design & build and had a mobile office although it wasn't a Benz. As you have already bought the Benz it's a little late for me to recommend not doing the mobile office. That said, I think you will tire of it so, I would design your interior so it has other uses than an office. I would agree, no need for a 55" monitor in such a cozy setting. My clients are all professionals, doctors, etc. and ever since I have been providing them with Chief ray traces, they have all been sufficiently impressed using just a 1920x1080 display. I use a 4k display along with the one just mentioned and I prefer 3D modeling on the 1920x1080. I have found that Chief is much more interested in processor power than expensive graphics so, I also agree,go with the desktop. I am curious if you plan to get a generator? One of the things I enjoyed most was setting up onsite to do my initial design work prior to having power to plug into. Also, I just bought a Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 and that runs Chief just fine and provides great "on the go" tech-ness with clients. Anyway, good luck, I think you owe everyone a pic when you get it done.