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  1. Dear CHIEFERS, can someone please advise me on how to create new foundations that will then be the default foundations - as shown in attached image.
  2. Good day, Are there any South African Architects here using CA with their designs and submissions?
  3. Thank you for the insight. my client wants me to produce Quotations as of the software 'Winner Flex' now I know Chief is more powerful than that, so apart from purchasing this software, how can Chief produce quotation like material lists, with the aide of Macros??? and who has the wizz to be able to give me insight on this??
  4. Macro codes to create BOM's and cutting lists for production - Cabinets?

    1. Renerabbitt


      Would be a very very complicated macro to create, I can't even imagine it really and not sure that it would be possible. Countless variables.

  5. how do you create a complete material list for cabinets that will include every single component with pricing? At the moment if you select the cabinet, the material list will only include the hinge and doors, I need to be able to cost the complete unit, the cost estimate to change as the cabinet changes in size??