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  1. Thats Great!, I just ordered 3, one for the office, one for home and one for the lake house , just in case....
  2. LevisL your advice worked perfectly - here are the results! Your method was very easy .
  3. I am also about to purchase a new systema nd wold be interested in hearing recommendations.
  4. LevisL - you've got it- i want to make a Video I can send to teh clients- i think your method will work- i am going to give it a try- if it works Ill post a link so you guys can see the final result- Thanks for teh DropBox tip i think thats the best way to go because i am going to do several videos. Thankks again Glennw- your info on camera movement is very helpful- it will make navigation a lot more simple!
  5. Everyone, Once again i want to thank everyone for all their help- this forumn is awesome! I woudl like to do a flyby of the exterior of the model have built. What i want to do is fly the camera around the house but have the camera constantly turning so that it is always looking at the house. I hope that makes sense. i would also like the camera to change levels as well. is this possible in chief? Can someone nudge me in the right direction if so.
  6. Everyone, I am trying to create a frameless glass shower wall and door inside a what is essentially a cased opening into an enclosed shower. I have attached a couple of photos to try to explain what i am trying to accomplish. I have tried many different ways to accomplish this and cant quite get it to work like i want it. It seems the best way may be to create the glass walls using the primitive polyline tool. i am able to draw the polyline but cannot get it to locate inside the cased opening. I can place it to one side or the other of the wall but not the centered on the wall in the opening. The model shows pretty much what i want but the glass panes located in the cased opening- not to the inside. I am also open to a totally different method of doing this if I am barking up the wrong tree. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am attaching some explanatory photos and a link to the plan in dropbox if you would like to view it. everyone has been so helpful here - i cant thank you guys enough. The Model
  7. Joe, Your last suggestion fixed my problem- I figured it was a procedure issue. I see now that I was forcing CA to see the base as a crown mold when it automatically recognizes it correctly when you do it in the correct order as you suggest. at lease now i know how to make two piece moldings when I need it! Rlackore and Tommy1 - thank you for your time as well.
  8. Joe, Firstly, thank you for your time! I am clicking add new, but instead of adding a new crown molding to the ceiling, it is add ing the new crown molding to the base molding and placing both at the clg, in the process its deleting the base molding. Maybe I am not understanding the correct order of steps. If i start with a room that has a base molding by default I 1) open the room properties dialogue box and go to the moldings tab 2) it shows the base molding in the base molding position (after i uncheck default) 3) I change the position of molding to crown molding (and the dialogue box will show the base molding in that position as well) 4) i click ad new 5) select the crown molding I want 6) now the dialogue box shows the crown molding at the crown molding position and also if i move to the base molding postion it also now shows the crown in that position as well?? 7) click ok and teh base molding dissapears and the crown molding is shown at the cieling WITH the base molding added to it as a two piece molding. ? I cannot get it to show the two moldings seperately one at the crown molding and one at teh base molding, it keeps wanting to place them together as atwo piece molding. I have tried doing these steps in various orders- but still cannot get it to work. FYI after step 6 the molding pull down will show two moldings available, but no matter wich i choose it will show it (in the dialogue box- not in the model) at all three molding locations? I am thoroughly confused any help would be appreciated.
  9. I am having a hard time understanding how to apply room moldings. I have my defaults set to apply a base mold- that works fine. However when I try to add a crown molding to a specific room through the room properties dialogue box- it adds teh crown molding but deletes the base molding. What it really does is add the crown to the base then move it to the crown position as a two piece crown- but the molding at the base position dissapears. When I add the Base molding back- the crown molding dissapears. I am very confused by this. Can anyone point me in the right direction? FYI It seems that i can create a crown molding by doing a room molding polyline but it only allows me to sellect a molding that i have made available to that room through the room properties- abd i cant figure out how to do that without having the two piece crown problem I mentioned above. Thanks in advance for the help. I am using x5 premier btw.
  10. David, That worked perfectly, Thank you for the help.
  11. Everyone, I have a condition in which I have a roof intersecting a wall. I need the roof to stop at that wall, but it continues accross the wall and creates an overhang on the other side- problem is this is an interior wall and i now have aroof overhang inside the adjacent room. How do i force the roof to break at that wall, but not the other walls which need an overhang? I have attached a screenshot and am providing a dropbox link to the plan- any help would be appreciated. The plan is located here
  12. Thanks for your input DRAWZILLA- I think that solved my problem, i appreciate your time.
  13. Everyone, I am working on a model and instructed a friend of mine to download the Chief Architect viewer. He says that when he tries to load the model he gets an error that essentially says the viewer is unable to find the library components used for materials and color (i dont recall the exact wording.) Can someone help me with a solution for this? I am using X5. Is there a way that i can send the components with the model or could I instruct him to download them somwhere? I only have the core catologue and have not added anything to it as of yet. I am attaching a link to the plan file if that helps. Thanks again in advanced for any guidance you can give me.
  14. rlackore- thank you so much for your time- you are a life saver. I feel silly now that I understand how to fix that- as soon as i read your post the light bulb went on! thanks again for your help. for anyone else that may stumble accross this with the same problem, what i did was actually move the stem wall in a few inches so that it was correctly positioned under the rail as the rail wall was in the correct location. - as Rlackore stated you could also move the rail wall instead of the stem wall.
  15. Here is the link to the file- As I said I am not experienced at using this software and am trying to figure things out- but this has got me baffled.