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  1. I've spent way too much time creating a floorplan that I like Now that is done, I'd like to review it with somebody, then I'd like some one-on-one assistance to help me speed up the learning curve and basically walk me through how to convert this floorplan to actual construction documents I can submit to the city. I'm working with Home designer Pro 2021. If you are in the Phoenix metro area and can meet in person, that is a huge plus. If not, we can work virtually. I'd want to learn how to do it and willing to pay for the specific training I need rather than spend the hours upon hours researching it. Please send me a message if interested. I'd like to get this work going and completed as soon as possible. Please let me know your availability and pricing by the hour or however it is you bill.
  2. Thanks mtldesigns. Tabbing through worked (I didn't even know that), but would be nice to know how to prevent this from happening if anybody knows.
  3. I've tried searching, but can'f find anything close. I know I must have click or unclicked something in Home Designer Pro 2021 that I shoudln't have...but can't figure this out. I'm trying to click into my garage as an object so I can relabel it, but when I do it highlights and selects the entire house. It has not always done this. It does this with the backyard patio, too (I removed the patio on this screenshot). I'm sure this is a simple fix that I'm spending hours trying to figure out. Hoping somebody can give me a quick pointer here. Thank in advance. Screenshot of what happens when I click the garage is attached.