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  1. Thanks for the link Dermot (my original result is not perfection )
  2. Thanks. Got it. 3d/Material Painter/Material Painter/Select Material/add New Material/Texture/Texture Source.... ..and browse to the file you want.
  3. I would like to take a photo of a tiled floor, to use in CA. Can I import the image directly? Is this possible? How would I achieve this? Thanks for looking
  4. My well known "bull in a china shop" style Thank you again. That is indeed easier. I do now! Done. Thanks again. ...and now on to my next problemette. I will post in the next hour, if you are about???
  5. Thanks Chopsaw and all for your help. I went edit/default settings/camera tools/full camera/edit/backdrop/select backdrop, to select my file. Then I went OK/done. It seems to be sticking. But it's showing in the other windows as well now ...............
  6. Thanks Maureen , ideally though saving them to the specific cameras they are being used with, is I think a better option for me (if I can discover how to do it.)
  7. Thanks. I have just spent @ 90 minutes trying to find more info on the above options. (too many menu options i think , and failed to find the solution in the help files.). No luck I'm afraid. Would it be possible to get more specific (i.e. idiot proof) instructions ? Sorry to be a pain.
  8. It been many years since I used CA or any similar software, so please be patient. I have got my image into user catalog/my backdrops. When I click on it, then click on the window, it shows up as I would expect. But when I save and reopen it's gone. I am back with the default blue clouds. Any help appreciated.