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  1. For some reason i cant get drywall where the wall connection is under this dormer, I tried setting the tall wall to run through at the ends and that didn't work. I'm at a bit of a loss, i'm sure it's probably simple. Thanks, Matt Carraige
  2. I still can't get this to work on any of my drawings, when I try your suggestion my ceiling plane auto snaps to a location inside the drywall of the wall it's cutting and it isn't clean. Is there a way to force the ceiling plane not to snap to something?
  3. So I got everything fixed except the stairs. I tried your pony wall suggestion, but the bottom part of my wall is hollow, and i couldn't figure out how to get the settings for the pony wall to make it look right.
  4. Eric, thanks again for the  assist.


  5. This is an as built plan that's a carriage house built in 1890 that is being restored and the upstairs converted to living space. I'm having a few issues with this plan. First off, when I try to create a stair opening either manually, or using the stair opening tool it wrecks the roof above it. I put in a double wall on the outside of the stairs on the first floor, and that fixed most of it, but still get the ceiling all jacked up and a random wall framed down into the room from the roof above. The weird part is it doesn't show up in the room in the 3d perspective, only on the 3d framing view. I get that the simple solution is to just turn off auto roof rebuild, but I shouldn't have to do that to put in a stair opening. That forces me to wait until everything else is completely finished roof wise to build the stair opening, and that's ridiculous, especially when these types of plans often need to be modified at a later point, and then I would have to manually draw or modify roof framing, potentially several times. Secondly, I have generated two auto dormers, but for the life of me can't figure out how to get rid of the eyebrows generated in front of the dormers. They sit on top of an existing shorter wall that holds up the roof that's about 70" tall. I need to put a large patio door that will be half in the lower wall and half in the wall generated by the dormer. Tried exploding the dormers and manually editing the roof planes, but that wrecks the fascia and cornice work, or causes the walls to get all wacky. Tried setting the short walls to balloon through but that didn't work either. I turned off the auto framing and got the wall issue sorted out by having the short lower wall balloon through, but I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the eyebrow roof in front of the dormer without wrecking some aspect of the roof, and if we end up having to change the dormer size or layout, have to go through all of that manual framing etc. again. Third, and I have had this issue on other plans but just gave up trying to fix it, and just drew a wall to hide it, but how do I get a wall to generate along the top of the stairs here so that it's open below follows the stair angle and covers the side of the stairs. There should be an easy way to do that, virtually every house ever built has some iteration of this and on this particular plan there's not an option to just hide it with a full height wall. Thanks in advance for any help. Matt Carraige Carraige house3.rar
  6. Is there a way to prevent a deck from snapping to an outside wall when you move it close to the wall. I want to draw a freestanding deck and then move it next to the house without having it attach itself.
  7. I cant for the life of me get the two inside mitered 45 corners to connect the stairs together, or get the small section by the wall to even draw the stairs. I also cant get the direction of the grain on the deck boards to run the right way. I tried copy the material and rotate it, but no luck. The stairs are just pissing me off at this point. Also why are the treads showing up as a single tread and not 2 deck boards. patio plan.plan
  8. The Client 3D Viewer Android App- when I installed the client 3D Viewer App on my android tablet (Samsung Tab S8+), it wanted to link to my Drop Box with a giant blue Drop Box link on the left of the screen (which I did, that is actually where I store my plan files), Is there a way to put the 3d viewer files on there (Drop Box) as well? My tablet doesn't always have internet to connect to the chief cloud. I don't want to ask clients to connect to their internet because that seems presumptuous. Not all of my clients are tech savvy, so I would like to be able to show the 3d files on my tablet to clients without connecting to the internet. This would be possible if they were in my Drop Box as available offline. It seems like there should be a way to do this, or download the 3D files to be available offline, since the 3D viewer wanted to link to my drop box when I installed it.
  9. I'm new to 3d viewer, and I figured out how to share the files from the cloud account, but when i open the 3d viewer it shows a link to dropbox, which i use to store all my plan files to easily switch between laptop and desktop, but I can't figure out a way to put a 3d viewer file on dropbox to share, and if there isn't a way to do it, why does the 3d viewer even have an option to link to my dropbox?