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  1. This was perfect for page 1 but we needed color swatches and the colorized

    house plan 1 (2).pdf


    these are the three color swatches



  3. Yes sure. please. To be clear I don't have any experience with CA x10, I just heard my dad mention CA a couple years ago. I never expected him to do the work. The exterior was pretty much controlled by city. I have no idea what the original architect uses for software, his prices were so high it didn't make sense to use him if the city wouldn't let the project go forward. The original approved elevations are colorized on a layout with color swatches. And city asked for them again. So I just assumed that must be a standard thing, like "colorized 2D elevation layout" would be some button on architecture software, bc it was page 2 and 3 of the approved plans. But it maybe it's not a common requirement? and the architect made then bc the city requires them - it's on the water in a beach town, and P&Z has a ton of opinions, but they also want green buildings now. Anyway, we got to the last step and hit a wall with x13.
  4. yep thats it, the issue was he did it in some kind of camera view that when he did the sides of building they look grey. both without textured stucco and when he did plot line, color fill? it came out monochrome even when he used these settings
  5. I don't know the answer here. The building is green roof now. So flat roof. And the "green" building requirements are basically off-white. The city understands this, but P&Z code say 3 colors - so the accent bands are a slightly greyer off white. The windows and gates doors etc are near black. I have the 3 swatches if they are not in the RGB etc. I'm sure he jacked the colors all up bc the 2D elevations kept coming out darker grey / monochrome.
  6. posted job here
  7. I have PLAN file that was done by someone I now assume was using a cracked version of the software. I came in with the original architects previous approved plans as PDF and only needed exterior renders to show the suggested changes to the building for city planning and zoning. The guy did good work took about 10 days of back and forth. The city gave a conditional approval on the changes based on lumion renders and ask for official colorized elevation layouts for the file. And suddenly the guy could not make those, they kept coming out grey / monochrome. I gave it to my dad, who I found out has x10, and he could not open it. I came here and found out it is cracked software problem X13 doesn't open on x10. So rather than upgrade my dads software (he's not an architect) and ask him to do the work (he's not an architect), I want to find out: 1. Does CA do colorized / texture elevations to layout in X13? If it's a problem with cracked software, thats fine, but if X13, can't produce these color swatch layouts (see sample) and I need to use X12 or whatever can produce this for city. Please let me know. 2. Everything is approved, down to the color and height of fences, bus stop, all of it. So the only work I need done is 2 layout pages in PDF with swatches on page 1. After this is submitted for the file, the project is supposed to be picked back up by original architect for mechanicals for building / engineering, but who knows, this CA cracked software issue came out of left field. need quotes fro folks who use X13, assuming it does colorized layouts, if not other ideas with quotes.
  8. Chief Architect is cracked? I'm sorry I had no idea. I thought software licenses were pretty solid now. I assumed students were using this stuff in architect classes. I had no idea what it even costs. Don't take this the wrong way, but it's 2021. Story: I had previously approved plans from city, and wife wanted to make some changes. When I asked my dad what software he used for modeling he said CA. He's not an architect, so I didn't want to waste his time. I found some student, gave him PDFS and he imported them into CA. I was all SUPER SMOOTH. And here we are.... And whoo-boy. It turns out the upgrade driver at CA lots of easily cracked new software and no backwards compatibility because "The program is still evolving far too rapidly to make this feasible and the plan files would be so "lossy" that they would probably not actually be very useful." Associate of mine founded Unity 3D so I'm at loss for old files don't open. I'm going to need to find someone to redraw this thing, mostly so my dad doesn't laugh at me, his tech founder son. NOTE there is an official FL architect on the project (he did the original drawings), but he doesn't come into this until we are thru planning and zoning. His $20K fee only handles the mechanicals and engineering sign offs, and on principal, I'm not paying more than that. But I appreciate the biz model, seriously. And again, no idea this was hacked.
  9. I had no idea legacy support wasn't part of CA platform. Attached
  10. Howdy, My father is a custom home builder / RE developer and has a CA x10 license on a high end rig (no compute or memory issues) I didn't want to trouble him with a plan until my wife had it sussed out to her liking, so I hired a young guy in the Ukraine to build it all with her feedback and then do some lumion renders. Everything looks great. But when I had him give me a .PLAN file it doesn't open on my dad's PC. Same goes for a DWG. I can open it with a trial version but I have no idea what Im doing. Is there some kind of service, some one I can give this file to that can make it run on x10? I'm a technical guy, I just thought that legacy file stuff like this is thing of past.... I attached the DWG file, the PLAN file is 15MB What do you suggest? plan file.dwg