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  1. I have upgraded to X14 and in that version, the "auto NKBA elevation" dimension tool has been removed. When I use the standard auto tool, it no longer includes 3 dimension lines. Does anyone know how get that back? I'd like the first dimension line to be for cabinets, the 2nd for centerlines, and the 3rd to be overall.
  2. If you reduce the total height of the cabinet by cutting off some of the toe kick, be careful as this may impact the appliances and if and how they will fit. Dishwashers have adjustable legs but they can only be adjusted down a certain height. Check all of the appliance specs.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions, I may just have to resort back to having my defaults on my base cabinets set to include countertops. Appreciate the help.
  4. My default for my cabinets is set up with no countertops at all because I use the custom countertop tool to add all of my countertops. Chief must have made a change in the last few versions because it wasn't always this way.
  5. Does anyone know how to set the defaults for the custom countertop? I use the custom countertop tool exclusively to have more control over my countertops but every time I use it, I have to go in and adjust the thickness and height off the floor. Where can I find the defaults for this?