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  1. Thank you for the replies. On the next set of plans I will try printing versus export and make sure that when we print, the “fit to page” (or margins) is off. Looks like there are simple solutions.
  2. Yeah, crazy concept, build according to plans. But, hey, that's we do here. ;-) I am using CA X12 for Mac. With the layout file open --> File --> Export --> Export pdf In the popup window: Destination Name: Chief Architect Save As PDF DPI: 600 Paper Orientation: Landscape Size: ARCH D (24" x 36" Print Range All Print Source Drawing Sheet ARCH D (24"x36") Drawing Scale To Scale (Note Drawing Scale: "100%" is grayed out) Options Copies: 1 Advanced Options "Open System Print Dialog" is grayed out Preview Update Automatically Then, click on "Save as PDF".
  3. When a layout is saved as a pdf and then printed, the scale is off. Paper size is ARCH 24 x 36 and scale is set to 1/4" = 1'. The error factor is different on different printers. The printout from Office Depot, a 40' dimension measures 38' 10.5" using a scale ruler. That is an error of 2.8%. The printout from our Engineer, a 40' dimension line measures 39' 7" on a scale ruler, a 1.5% error. Either way, it presents problems in the field. How do I make sure the scale on the print outs are accurate? Thank you, Connelly