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    Gotcha, well I must be doing something wrong, because if 30 is the norm my quality is bad.  I always leave it unchecked and start getting good quality in the 2k range


    To be clear, changing sample count will not effect the original issue reported in this post, as the issue only occurs in cases where Ray Tracing is not being used.


    Sample count is only used when Ray Tracing is supported.  You can use a lower sample count now in X15 because we have added a Denoising option that will denoise and clean up the scene once the max sample count is hit. Make sure you have the Cap Live Samples and Denoise When Complete checkboxes checked in order to make use of the new features.

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    File uploaded to support for evaluation.


    Thanks Chief ID.


    I took a look at the your plan and was able to reproduce the issue.  The problem is caused by the Sun Follows Camera setting.  So for now if you turn that setting off your views should work at the same speed as X14.  We will look into the cause of the issue in X15 and hopefully get it fixed in a future update.


    For others that read this, the problem only effects PBR views on systems that do not support ray tracing.

  3. That is an older Quadro card that doesn't support ray tracing, so I don't think making Scott's suggested change will have much of an effect.


    My guess is if something go slower it will be on all cards and not just this one.  We have not seen any issues like this up to this point, so there is also the possibility that something your plan is causing the slowness.  So if you could send this plan into us, preferably the X14 version of the plan we can take a look and see if we can discover and reason why the performance has decreased.  You can send it in to support here:



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    ll happening in 526.98 as well , and this Driver is the suggested one to Use......


    image.thumb.png.f2b54fd63b607836b6288f081493a135.png  followed by  image.thumb.png.ef9234c4c047bb46f2956c013ed7afee.png



    and then  a replay of both at least once or twice more, then it crashes either to Desktop ( no save ) or is just locked up till I have to end it....


    * this is in Elevation , however there is a Camera Open in another Tab too.


    This error is not related to the error in the original post and is unlikely to be resolved by any changes to your drivers. In almost all cases when we have seen this error it is reproducible when following a specific set of steps.  The error normally is displayed when closing 3D views, but is likely caused by something done while in the view.  Please contact technical support with the steps you are taking when you see this error.  Please include the plan file and any saved cameras that you were using as the camera settings could also have an effect.  You may also want to start a separate thread about this since as I mentioned this is a different error and not related to the message the original poster asked about.

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    The latest update makes these items miter at interior & exterior corners.  This works fine if the WMR isn't cutting the surface layers of the walls.  But it doesn't if the WMR cuts the surface layers.


    Joe, I have not been able to reproduce this in my simple test cases. Please make sure to send an example of the issue you are having into tech support.


    Solver, I believe you will need to draw the regions accurately to the corner to see them miter at the corners. In your image the region is extended beyond the corner.

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  6. This problem is not related to the recent Chief update.


    We have tracked this issue down to an Optional Windows update labeled KB5011543.  You can uninstall this update and the problem will go away.  


    To uninstall the update:


    In Start Menu, type "Control Panel" then press Enter
    In the Control Panel:
    Click on Programs
    Then Click on View Installed Updates
    Scroll down to the Microsoft Windows Section
    Find the update that says KB5011543(It will likely be at the top)
    Select it
    Click the Uninstall Update bottom at the top of the page

    Screenshot 2022-04-06 092702.png

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  7. Amanda,


    Open Preferences and on the Render Panel check the option under Troubleshooting called Manage GPU Residency.   This should hopefully allow you to print the entire layout. If not please contact Technical Support with the plan and layout file and we can look into it further.



  8. It looks like the issue has to do with the width of the Material column.  Yours is extremely large and this is preventing the resizing of the dialog. The size of the column could be the result of the issue Rob mentioned which existed in the Public Beta but has since been fixed.


    You can resolve this issue but either resizing the material column back down to a reasonable size if possible or the other option is to go to Preferences and on the Reset Options panel click Reset Dialog Sizes.

  9. 1 hour ago, BigKahuna said:

    by resetting the FTH  do you mean turning it off for the chief application ? While not affecting other programs? I am getting this error and it takes 20 or so seconds to complete every damn command and is making Chief basically useless. I have read the article and it says shutting it off it says it can cause problems to turn it off. An IT friend of mine is saying same thing to me but mentioned resetting the I am hoping that may be an answer ? 


    You just need to reset the FTH which clears the list of flagged applications which will result in Chief running much faster.  


    Paste this command into a command prompt that is running as admin to reset the list:


    Rundll32.exe fthsvc.dll,FthSysprepSpecialize

  10. Scott,


    I can confirm this issue.  The plan view drawing of the foundation cutout is drawing too large. It is including the jamb width.  The dimensions and 3D should still be correct though.


    The issue should be resolved for the official release of X11.


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  11. 44 minutes ago, JBHammer said:


    I talked to Nigel last week about the size of the files. He's the CODEC expert. He said there is no way to make the files smaller and suggested the YouTube route. :-)


    Take a look on the Render panel in your Preferences dialog.  The Codec for walkthrough recordings is likely set to IYUV.  This will result in the large files you describe.  If you look at your X9 preferences my guess would be you are using the XVID codec which is what we recommend.  Change X10 to use XVID and it should resolve the issue.

  12. 1 minute ago, cv2702 said:

    Does anyone know what this patch entails for Walkthroughs?

    The same issue reported in this thread about exported images would have also occurred for any walkthroughs recorded using the Physically Based rendering technique.

  13. 25 minutes ago, warrenwest said:

    And it still doesn't run on the latest MacBook pro .


    We are not aware an issue where the software doesn't run on the Macbook pro.  We are aware on a issue where the rendering on some MacBook pros is not functioning correctly, and we are attempting to see if we can resolve it.  Is this the issue you are having?  If not please contact our support team.