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  1. jgrimm

    Non-staggered studs

    Thanks Jerry, I knew it was right under my nose.
  2. jgrimm

    Non-staggered studs

    Is there a way to keep the studs from being staggered here? I want them to sandwich the hardware cloth. Chicken Coop.plan
  3. jgrimm

    Dimensions to reference floor

    Michael, Wow, THAT was a great answer. Thanks!
  4. How can I dimension from a reference floor wall to my current floor in X9? I want to be able to offset the walls in 6' Thanks
  5. jgrimm

    Copying an entire plan

    How do you create a 3D symbol of the house plan to then import into your terrain?
  6. jgrimm

    Kootenai County Idaho

    Hi, I would like to hire someone willing to work with me in getting a home deisgn finished. Building location is Hayden, ID. I own HD pro 2014 and will purchase X6 as soon as needed. I am an experienced 3D(Solidworks) user in the manufacturing industry but I am a novice in CA and home design in general. Because of my work industry (tooling and manufacturing), I want to have the house completely desinged in 3D, down to the last outlet. I have not been able to find someone local that uses CA. I need someone who can: Be willing to send me samples of your work.. regardless of design style. Draft the house using my design and layout. Work with me on incorporating changes I make to local copy. Be willing to work with an interior design person. Provide construction plans if possible. Thanks John Grimm (208) 651-4107