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  1. Hi brains trust! I currently run x13, which I purchased outright a few years ago. To upgrade to x15 I am offered a discounted price of $995 for the first year. My question is, what happens after the first year? Will I need to pay an ongoing annual fee to continue using the program? What happens if I stop paying said fees? Do I still have full use of the program I paid up to? Hopefully someone out there can assist, cause I'm confused with what I should do. TIA!
  2. We currently run X12 in our office and will not be ready to jump onto X13 for some months. The office needs to purchase one more license. Can we purchase X12 with the option to upgrade when we need?
  3. Hi Winnie, Thanks for reaching out. I would love to hear a bit more about you. Are you able to email a resume or brief description of yourself and maybe some examples of your work to contact@gkadesignstudio.com.au Thanks you,