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  1. Is anyone else having a problem with x15 room highlight or item highlight?  Every few days, a room will highlight as usual, but then the highlight won't go away and I have to close Chief and reopen.  Now it's happening on occasion if I highlight a door or window schedule. 

  2. K-Bird, thanks so much..I'm not sure how that happened as I have never even ventured into that tab under defaults.  I think the file got corrupted when we began a new template, but that's just a guess.  Again, thanks so much!!!!

  3. I have a stucco wall with a stone wainscoting (pony wall). I've added a wall cap to the lower wall. Is there way to make that a "wall type" so that I don't have to add the wall cap to every wall?

  4. Sorry for the lengthy post, I also put this on Facebook Chief Architect Users.

    We typically do a "master plan" for one of our builders, and then three or four versions. Each version is exactly the same for 99% of the plan, but the fronts are different as are the roof plans. So, basically, front walls/doors/windows and roof will change, but nothing else. Rather than have four separate plans, is there a way to put the different front walls etc. and roof plans on a separate layer and turn those layers on and off to get the different versions? That would be awesome if we could, but so far, I've had no luck trying that. Any help would be wonderful...thanks.

  5. Thanks Steve, I appreciate your help and everyone elses.  I think we're getting this sorted out with all the help..frankly I was beginning to regret moving away from Autocad, but I'm feeling better about it at the moment.  I'm probably just too damned old to be learning new software, but it's a done deal right now and I think we made the right choice.


  6. Thanks Steve, I'm looking over all of this right now.  I suspect a lot has to do with faulty room definitions.  Let me take a look at what you did.  I did rebuild the foundation as you suggested and that lined up the footings, but some of top of foundations were different.  I'm investigating.  I know a lot of this is due to my relative newness to Chief and my reliance on Autocad experience, Just getting too old for this I think, but I do love the program.


  7. Wow!  You are all so wonderful and helpful, I can't tell you how grateful I am.  Long time Autocad User, I love Chief, but I've never been more frustrated and I'm sure all of this is going to help and fix my issues.  Thanks again everyone.

  8. Thanks everyone, we do have a new template that we spent a lot of time on with help from Dan Bauman, but that was before these plans were in the works.  I'm guessing that importing this plan into a new template won't work?


  9. I'm not sure what you mean.  How would that affect the footing heights?  I have the room in the basement, back right, which has the footing on the side at one height, and at a different height on the back of the room.....Am I missing something?


  10. Thanks for the help, but this is a problem that recurs on every plan.  I really like Chief a lot, but my frustration level is about to blow.  Is there a reason that the footings on the basement are not uniform height?  Seems like an easy thing, but if it is, I'm not finding it.  I drew a test plan with one living space, one porch and one garage and got everything to work perfectly, but those room numbers in the structure tab don't work on other plans.....I think my blood pressure is about 500/400 right now.  I don't think I've ever been this frustrated with a program.  It would seem that if you set your foundation height in floor heights, then ALL of the footings should be identical in elevation, but they're not. 

  11. Going crazy trying to get the footings in this basement to be the same level, and having no luck. The rooms in the back are all the same structure numbers, but Chief is raising the footings on a wall that is part of the same room. Raising it on the back corner and not on the side. What am I missing?


    lower level.jpg

  12. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it.  It was a very difficult issue to express, and I'm afraid I did a very poor job.  I was familiar with the "break tool", but only as a symbol and really never used it.  But now I realize that it will allow me to show the stairs below at some point and that was the issue I was trying to figure out.  Again, Thanks to everyone.

  13. I can't figure out how to do stairs so that they show correctly on each floor.  The basement is no problem, but when I get to the main floor, the stairs will actually widen to sit in the proper spot (see pictures).  I can do that, and in 3D it's just fine, but in plan view if I do that, the main floor shows the stair going to the 2nd floor as wide and not showing the actual stairs on the main floor descending between walls to the basement.  It's driving me crazy trying to figure this out (that's a short drive for me.).  I'm sure this isn't very well put and maybe not explaining the situation correctly.

    STAIR FL00.jpg

    STAIR FL01.jpg

  14. Glenn, I'm not sure how they are a bit of a mess, I've never changed the defaults to my knowledge.  I did recently look at them and saw a fixed proximity setting but didn't mess with it.