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  1. Hey guys, Disclosure first - I'm part of the Design Connected team, working on Connecter. I've noticed the discussion and the mention of our software and decided to step in with a clarification. @DzinEye - Quixel Bridge and Connecter are both DAMs that are created with 3d artists/architects in mind. This is where the similarities end. Quixel Bridge is a platform created with pretty much the sole purpose to let you work with Megascans and the other assets that Quixel produces. In the most recent versions, they added an option to import your own content, but that's very time consuming and somewhat buggy. Although Connecter is a product of a content provider (Design Connected) it's not created to cover the needs of our clients. You can't download models from within the app and the website is not advertised at all. There's a very small benefit to connecter your Design Connected account within the software. The idea behind Connecter is to give you visual browsing and better organization no matter which content provider you prefer and what software you are using. The core features for organizing assets are available for everyone and unlike most DAMs, Connecter works with what you have in terms of storage solution. You add the folders that you are using within the app and it will read the available information. You don't have to upload the assets in cloud storage or a specific server. If the file format that you are using isn't present in the default settings of Connecter, you can add custom ones in the Settings menu. There are advanced integrations with 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Rhino, and Blender (with Revit in the works). They don't change the core features but add different workflows for importing and exporting content from the 3d software. Connecter is free and kinda easy to use, so you may give it a chance. If you need any help contact our support team and we will assist you ASAP. Cheers!