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  1. Hi Alan, Thanks - I'll look at this as well. Looked at your link for your business - some beautiful work there. Regards, Scott
  2. Hi Ryan, Thank you kindly good sir. Hmm - I'll take a look. I did start looking at wood again - realizing the maintenance required. Again - similar to the look of Hardieboard but an actual wood example. I probably wouldn't want the rounded faux log cabin planks - preferring flat planks - I do like the knots. Regards, Scott
  3. Hi. Thanks as well - more interesting feedback on why not to use it. When I looked at the Hardieboard site - the color from my above screen shot no longer looks like it's available. I didn't really see anything else that worked for the look I'm trying to achieve. Regards, Scott
  4. Hi… Thanks so much - that’s certainly worthy of consideration and gives me pause. Hmm - yeah - maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and go with wood siding that I’ll have to have stained and sealed every few years? This is for my retirement home that I’m really trying to make as low maintenance as possible. This was a home I had looked at that had the Hardieboard with water damage - not all over - but a few spots where the water was consolidated and ran from the roof onto the siding. It wasn’t very old. I didn’t purchase it and I’m building from scratch now. Regards, Scott
  5. Hi Folks, Anyone have experience with this type of product - does it hold up well over time ? I looked at one home that had it and there was significant water damage to the siding after just a few years. This was the specific product I've been interested in: Fiber Cement Lap Siding | Allura USA Thanks. Regards, Scott