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  1. Hi - we just purchased a home that we are going to do a remodel on and I'm looking for resources to deliver recommended floor plan so we can open up the space. If interested provide your rate and portfolio please. Thanks!! Pictures are attached. Here's where we're headed with it but not exactly sure how to lay it out or if this would be awkward. - Kitchen wall would come down - Island would go out into the space where the living room is extending that space. - Closet in the entry would come out and that would become more of a mudroom area - Not sure about whether the sunroom walls should come down - Does the dining room go towards the back windows or next to the island - We need this area to also have a big tv - where is the best placement for a living room like that in the space
  2. kristikls

    Available for work if anyone is seeking services!

    Hi - we're looking for someone to design a layout for a remodel - are you still available?