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    Tutoring in CA needed

    Have been working with AutoCAD for Mac up until recently. Hard drive crashed and I lost all my files and the program. With new computer, decided to jump ship and switched to CA. Having difficulties with a custom home I am working on. I know what needs to be done, just can't figure out how to do it in CA. Haven't been able to figure it out with the videos and reference materials. Worked my way through all the training videos online. Wasn't enough. Looking for someone who will work with me one-on-one to fill the gaps that my lack of experience with CA has left in my plans. Have finished the floor plan, foundation, and most of the roof. Having difficulties with the roof and with stairs to the bonus space above the garage. Also have extra walls floating in the air above an open to below room that I can't get rid of. I just don't know enough! I live in the San Antonio area if there is anyone local. If not, could set up electronic meeting.