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  1. Any helpful material/videos or examples that I can learn from to create the blueprints for the contractor?
  2. After I turned it on I was looking in my layout for the change and then I remembered I had to go to the actual elevation view and close it to save the change and update it to be seen in the layout view. Things are so simple but in the heat of the moment it seem complicated LOL Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi, I'm learning LOL, that was the first thing I checked but it didn't do it. I'm assuming the layer would be Floor Surface correct? FYI, I created a room around this exterior balcony, not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  4. where would I send the link?


    1. Chopsaw


      If you hover over my user name it will link you to be able to send me a PM (private message) using the envelope symbol.

  5. I would love that because I'm exhausted and on a deadline to wrap this layout up. I'm self-taught on CA and this is my first project. A 1942 home that we are going to build 4 additional units around and up, not over the existing house. If I attach the plan here will it be public for anyone to grab?
  6. I have checked for duplicates in the item itself and the schedules, nothing!
  7. Does either of you have any idea why I am, all of a sudden, getting two sets of the CO(#) type labels on my cabinet wall elevation view? I had all of my cabinet wall elevations done weeks ago and placed in my layout, today they all have two sets of labels. I was messing around with the custom object fields and then shortly after that all five of my kitchen wall elevations have two sets of labels and they're two different sets of numbers so it's not duplicating it's creating an entirely new set.
  8. Solver, I have five kitchens in this plan and a lot of hardware therefore I was looking for something that would give me a collective total for the vertical vs horizontal pulls.
  9. When I try to create a material list I get 2 different messages
  10. I have five apartments/kitchens in this building and need to create a cabinet hardware list. My Material List function is on the blink and the CA program developers are working on it for me but in the meantime does anyone have a way to create this list as a schedule?
  11. Two different sets of labels are populating on my wall elevation view. When I'm in plan view everything looks normal, only one set populates.
  12. Sometimes when I need to select an object in my 2D plan I click on it and the Room highlights then I press the Tab key hopeful that the next object will be highlighted but it doesn't. The only thing that highlights is the Room period. This doesn't happen all the time but not sure what I'm doing to cause this.
  13. When I opened my plan and highlighted an item it does not display that item and anything associated with it in the active layer display options panel. For example, when I select a room the active display options would normally show Room but it does not now...Why?
  14. Thank you so very much that's exactly it.
  15. I created a new layer "Electrical - Ceiling Fans" and when I produce a Material List it will not populate any item from that layer. If I move the items back to the original layer which is "Electrical" then it populates in the material list. Can you not create a custom category for a material list like you can create a custom category for a Schedule? If it can't be done why would you want to put anything on a custom layer? Thanks for any help with this. Mary Anne Premier X12
  16. Thank you I found the toggle and now I can see the stone texture but the stucco finish is still smooth. Will the stucco show texture?
  17. I do not know if I have textures toggled off still very new with this software. I do have the material in my wall type and all looks great in the 3D view.
  18. All exterior materials look smooth, i.e. stone & stucco in my orthographic view. I did an orthographic view several weeks ago and I at least saw the stone texture, not the stucco but now everything is smooth.
  19. I live in Henderson, NV, and have a deadline for my Design Review with the city. I'm looking to hire someone that can assist me in correcting various issues I have in the plan. Time is of the essence.