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  1. Thanks, I see you have the piece but can you share it or explain me how to make it? I am only see the image nothing else. Will
  2. is it possible to have an adjustable piece like this to be used on the corner as a filler?
  3. Is there any way to show in plan view how the cabinet doors swings? thanks
  4. Hi Mark, that's exactly what i am looking for. Is there anyway to create that door from scratch? is there any tutorail? can i do it in autocad import it to CA and uses as a door symbol? thanks Will
  5. Can anyone share or give tips how to achieve this kind of doors? I am using x10 version thanks Will
  6. Ikea Voxtrop doors. anyway way to share this file on X10? please let me know thanks Will
  7. Thank you Eric, anyway you can share the files in version X-10? thanks Will PS i will post in general questions next topics
  8. That's great. just what i am looking for but unfortunately I can't open the style because I am in an older version. Could explain how to use it and place it on my door? is it too complicated to recreate it in version x10? thanks Will
  9. Hello, I am new to chief and want to know how do you guy handle appliances that have the same door style applied to appliance to look like the rest of the cabinet doors? thanks Will
  10. Is there any way to create this kind of door pulls? how can you help? thanks Will