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  1. I designed a home with ICF walls and need someone who has ICF and Hambro D500 floor system for basement to main level. I'm hoping for someone closer to AZ and can pass Maricopa planning and Zoning the first time. Attached are the plans that are lacking the correct details. BLUEPRINTS.pdf
  2. This has been happing on my old laptop and new laptop which is a MSI with intel 7 and Nvidia GTX 3070 I unfortunately already updated both laptops with windows 11 but I'm pretty sure this may have been happing on my old laptop with widows 10
  3. Hello, I have a plan nearly complete but my lack of experience in Chief is holding me up from getting them permit ready. I have the floorplan basically done with electrical etc. I need help with getting the roof lines and fixing some areas I don't know how to do. The project is in AZ and I need done asap. Bought the land and need help so I can complete the plans. The Home is 4800 sf Main level with a 2200 sf basement. Chief Architect X13 user Nick Bigelow 602-717-2683
  4. Hey Eric. Thanks so much for the video and help on this project so each camera view needs to have setting changed to show frame. I thought i had done that. The different color rafters was me attempting to make them look wood. Just didn't finish.
  5. I have virtually all camera view settings on.
  6. It won't show the frame. in cross section Parra Patio Cover.plan 2.plan
  7. Eric Any ideas how to get the Prospective full Overview to show the frame? I turned on the framing view and it won't let me do cross sections now either.
  8. It's a Manufactured home. The county will not allow the patio covers to be attached by a ledger and joist hangers on the home. So its sits next to the home without being secured to the home. I finally deleted the rear railing then manually set post and beam.
  9. I need to build a patio cover plan that's free standing. The Header against the home should be against the Glue lam. After building walls under railings. I can't seem to edit the post and glue lam height on the side next to the home. Can anyone assist? I'm new to this program and need some help to get this fixed for permitting asap. I feel i could hand draw this faster at this point. Parra Patio Cover.plan 2.plan