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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this video! This video actually gets me excited to dig into understanding layers and plan sets more. It looks like something another Chief user was trying to explain, but we couldn't get to work right. Will keep playing around with these tools and techniques. Much appreciated!!
  2. Thanks for sharing examples of what you've done on a similar type project. This is helpful!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions and different ideas here. Newbie Chief user here, so my apologies for putting this in the wrong section. This was the exact "workaround" I thought of. Will continue to explore this option as we live in the Rocky Mountain region and it seems at least 75% of our jobs have walkout (at worst) or stepped (at best) basements and we (and our builders) are used to seeing a separate plan page that is strictly the foundation walls only with no framing at all. Additionally, we often have jobs with multiple "levels" below finish grade because of the signif
  4. This is the first home my team and I have created in Chief Architect (converting from SoftPlan) and we're stuck still trying to figure out if there's a way to show a foundation only plan in the layout using the "walkout" basement, level 0. We end up with the full framed walls showing on top of the 4' stem foundation walls, no interior footings for the interior bearing walls, and a stone veneer on the framed wall above that isn't supported by the foundation wall. If anyone can offer information on how to get just a true, basic foundation plan in our plan set/layout that would be fan
  5. Recently decided to switch to CA after using SP for 20 years for a number of reasons. I was constantly learning new things in SP (and LOVED when I was shown/taught their plan set feature which looks similar to CA's .layout files) and resisted switching a few years ago, deciding instead to invest in learning SP better. But the demonstration I saw at the builder's show in Vegas in Jan 2020 is what sold me. For my line of work designing custom homes (with a BS degree in Interior Design and and 2-year Architecture emphasis), the apparent ease of customization of features and the excellent renderin