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  1. Video was very helpful. As DavidJPotter pointed out, this changes the default material so every room in the plan with this material rotates. I made a copy of the original material, named it" xxxx, Rotated', and saved it to my user library. This way I can change the floor material orientation room by room. Not too difficult, but a "rotate" dialog in the material selection box would be handy. Thank you!
  2. Was there ever a response to this question? I'm having the same problem.
  3. All great ideas, thank you! The birdsmouth issue seemed to clear itself up, but has returned and completely frustrating me. I had built the model with invisible walls originally thinking that would help maintain some sort of structure height. One bearing side has the birdsmouth setting properly on top of the beam, while the other has it lifted off a good 5". When I look at properties for each of the bearing walls the "top of plate" height is different on each but I can't figure out how to adjust it. I've deleted and redone the ceiling plane and it shows the ceiling height matching the top of beam elevation but nothing seems to bring the one side down to bear on the beam. It feels like a combination of things that are conflicting but I cannot sort it out. Any help would be much appreciated. Pavillion Timber.plan
  4. Thanks Doug_N. that did it. Any thought on how I make the height of rafter tails all the same? At the trusses I'm using 11.25" members and the rafters are 9.25". I'd like them all to be 9.25"
  5. I have tried every check box I can try and cannot get the birdsmouth on my rafters to lower down onto my beams. Does anyone have any idea what I'm missing?
  6. Wow! This forum is awesome! I'm new a user with lots of engineering background, but always just watched my drafting staff make it look so easy on AutoCAD. Anyway, great response and great ideas. Thanks robdyke, your method making gravel the floor at -4" below the finish floor and adding a 4" thick concrete floor finish works perfect. I'll definitely be back for more help! Thanks you!
  7. I'm trying to show my garage floor slab poured through my doorways. I have stemwalls set at 6" above the floor, but want to depress the stem another 4" to allow pouring the slab through.