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    Where is the extend tool?

    I'm a new user and am trying different tools in X11. However, for the life of me I cannot find the extend tool (or trim tool for that matter). I thought that if I picked an interior wall for example to extend to an exterior wall, I would select the interior wall and the extend (and trim) tool would appear on the bottom of the screen, but it does not. I checked the Reference Manual and videos, but no go. I thought maybe it was left off of a toolbar, but I can't find an option to add these tools. Thanks for your help.
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    X12 New Features are listed Here

    Good work CA! As a future suggestion, how about an enhanced extend tool for modifying wall entities?
  3. CoffeeAchiever

    Where is the extend tool?

  4. CoffeeAchiever

    Where is the extend tool?

    Joe Carrick, the reason for using the extend tool was for my own knowledge of trying out different tools available. In AutoCad, this is fairly commonly used function and when you extend a line it to another entity or in this case, an exterior wall, the intersection would be "dead-nuts". However, if dragging the wall to another entity, you're relying on the object snaps to position the end of the extended wall to the framing member of the exterior wall correctly.
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    Where is the extend tool?

    Incredible. If the tool has limitations for non-interior/interior wall entities, then why shouldn't CA CLARIFY this? Why should I or anyone else waste time unnecessarily? It would also most probably be a common question from anyone transitioning from another CAD system as this is a fairly common task. A simple note in the reference manual would have sufficed.
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    Where is the extend tool?

    So, the extend/trim tool doesn't show up when editing walls? Brilliant, I cannot find this stated anywhere. Also, I had watched videos and specifically, the "recommended" video on extend and trim and the presenter was using a polyline on rafters, I believe. I had tried adding a polyline to the exterior wall, just in case I needed this, but "walla", still no extend/trim for the interior wall. So, "Chief's" solution to extending walls is by dragging only. Sign me up for X12 then!