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  1. does anyone have the link to the X 13 beta download?
  2. Thanks all, and especially Rob Dyck. that worked great!!
  3. How do I create an upper rounded corner shelf like the one attached? I can't find anything on the forum..
  4. thanks guys, especially Solver, and Alaskan Son this video was extremely helpful
  5. How would you go about modeling the angled bottoms of these bay windows? I have been using Chief for nearly a year now.. but this one has me stumped. Not even sure where to begin. :( any help would be great chief architect premier X11 build
  6. Thanks, Glenn, that works (somehow) like a charm
  7. the walls on the front and right sides of this building are the same. Yet i cannot get the end of the floor joists (which are now invisible) to be covered by any material. The room in that corner of the house is the same one on the front and on the right, both in the basement and ion the main floor. What am I missing here? Chief Premier X11