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  1. and the latest PDF output VAN Bruggen CD PHASE 1.REV 1.pdf
  2. plan files for the above layout VAN Bruggen EC.plan VAN_Bruggen_CD_PHASE_ONE.plan
  3. Thanks Mike!. I changed all my line weights to 1 and the floor plan printed more or less okay, but a number of elevation sheets printed in light grey! I will attach files separately.
  4. I've never seen this problem before - I "print" my layout sheets to Chief PDF, and the floor plan comes up with super-heavy linewieghts, making it virtually unreadable. No problem with the rest of my set including elevations, sections and roof plan. Any thoughts about what is going on? VAN Bruggen CD PHASE 1.REV 1.pdf
  5. FREELANCE HELP WANTED - Immediate and ongoing basis Need someone to convert 2D Auto Cad files to Chief, and then make 3D Chief files for my use in designing renovations and additions. Looking for someone to do this on an ongoing basis, as I have a constant need for this and don't have enough time to do it all myself. Location is not an issue, as this would be remote work. Some projects will just need basic shell with standard finishes, some may be fairly elaborate. Please respond to