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  1. Hello, ISO Design/Build firms in Washington DC area that use Chief Architect to take over large attached garage with apartment in loft project for great client in N. Va. Contact ASAP for details
  2. ISO pdf's or other import-able files of notes and legends of common symbols, sections, and tables for my working drawings. I need all of the important stuff that goes on plans around the floor plans, elevations, and framing/structural plans. I am trying to avoid "reinventing the wheel" in some of this stuff. By applicable I mean some of these notes, tables I seek depend on location of work and code in use and other specificsI will need to create some or modify . I am in Fairfax County of Virginia. If anyone out there Great group BTW and thx Chopsaw for your feedback!
  3. working in x9 I am having trouble with a polygon shaped deck with roof. One problem I have is when I highlight the deck on main level I have no handles to move the entire structure. What I am trying to do is have the polygon shaped deck sit over the corner of a separate rectangular shaped deck. Additional problems are: -if I put polygon in correct position initially the framing interferes with rectangular deck framing. -if I raise floor level of polygon deck only the walls and roof raise -Should I be able to rebuild floor framing after raising structure if anyone has attached a polygon deck to another deck especially sitting on step up I would love to exchange notes.