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  1. Stairs" automatic heights was already checked

    Shutters. Was changed in Window defautls. He does not stay that way.


    I have done both of what you said before I sent in solver. They still would not work!

  2. I cannot get roof to work on right side of house to work out. . I would appreciate anyones help. 8:12 on for gable. rest of roofs are 4:12. Remodeling additional. dark shaded walls are new walls. 

    Has to be kept in ver 12, because client wants to be able to pull up in chief 12. 

    Thanks in advance.


    Newell Cheatheam

    Chief 12 

    3d roof issues.jpg


  3. 17 minutes ago, rgardner said:

    Yeah I was trying to figure that one out as well.  Best I can figure the reason he got a downvote was because he has actually asked this identical question at least twice about two months apart on separate jobs???? Dunno?

    Thank you. I have been designing a lot of rooms above a garage. Some have different issues.



    Newell Cheatheam 




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