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  1. Working with this, but when I remove the wall insert then it changes the framing. Was able to do a temporary change of this, create the view I wanted, then change back. Thanks for your help.
  2. Now that I have my shear wall panels in place and was able to work through the wall elevations showing the same. How do I get rid of them in the elevation view below? My wall types are set up for the red metal to be an exterior layer but the shear wall panel is showing through and when I turn off the display layer for the shear wall panel there is just a void behind. Wall Plan is attached. Wall Plan.zip
  3. Please see plan file attached. Please use Wall Detail 18. Wall Plan.zip
  4. Thanks Everyone. Robert I am making the elevation camera work but still struggling with the Framing Schedule. I was able to include the Strong wall fixture into the schedule but some of the attributes are not showing up. (i.e. Name, Length, Material)
  5. Hello Eric, The plan file is larger than CT will allow. Any suggestions?
  6. I am using this Simpson WSW Strong Wall Symbol for a project and I am trying to figure out how to get the symbol to show up in a wall detail and framing schedule. I have checked the layer display and added the symbol to the schedule. The blank area between the overhead doors is the Simpson Strong Wall, inserted into the wall. Also note T16 of the schedule.
  7. Hello, I know this is an old post but I am using this Simpson Strong Wall for a project and I am trying to figure out how to get the symbol to show up in a wall detail and framing schedule. I have checked the layer display and added the symbol to the schedule. The blank area between the overhead doors is the Simpson Strong Wall.
  8. For some reason I am struggling with a basic item. I have a Dimension Set drawing sent to the layout (construction) drawings. I want to add another dimension page for exterior dimensions only, so I set up another dimension set called "Dimension Set - Exterior" by copying the Dimension Set and renaming. When I send that drawing to the layout and I make a change to it, it changes the Dimension Set also. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Ok Thanks for the feedback. I see how the dimension represents the RO and not the opening in the wall.
  10. The screen shots below show the window opening in the plan view with a point to point dimension, The other shots reflect my data entry in the window specification dialog.
  11. The openings (gaps) are showing in the walls but the opening size does not reflect the actual rough opening size. Example: I have a window in the wall that actual sizes (from window manufacturer) are 37 5/8" x 56 7/8". In the framing specification I have called out for 2" rough opening on all sides. I also marked the "Add for Concrete Cutout" 2" each side and checked show in plan, but plan is only showing a gap in the wall at 37 3/4" as where it should be 41 5/8".
  12. Thanks Shane, I have done that actually allowing 2" for 1.5" bucking and space to plumb and square. Just an FYI my schedules show the proper RO sizes, just not seeing it in the plan view openings.
  13. How do I get the plan view to show the right size rough openings for windows and doors, so that the dimensioning is correct for ICF walls? Right now they are showing based on the window and window frame size but not RO size to show the required wood bucking.
  14. I am using ICF walls and want to set the exterior doors to the outside of the wall (Recessed to the sheathing layer) but also want them to in-swing. I know that in-swinging the doors will limit the door swing to 90 degrees. The windows will set to the outside and create a window box effect on the inside and I would like the doors to do the same thing but the only way I know to do this is out-swing the doors. Any thoughts?
  15. Changing the General Wall specification to Resize about the inner surface did the trick. Thanks for the help
  16. I have designed a one story house with a walk-out basement. The existing foundation walls in the basement are 8" with 3.5" wood frame and 1/2" drywall. The exterior walls on the 1st (main) floor are 6" wood frame with 1/2" drywall. My client wants to change the walls to ICF but maintain the same interior dimensions on the main floor. So am looking to change the main floor walls first then change the basement walls aligning them to the main layer of the walls above. My question is there a way to tell the new ICF wall to move out when I change the wall type, so I can maintain the same interior dimensions? Wall thickness with exterior finishes is changing from 10-7/16" to 15 1/2".
  17. Not sure how to get rid of the material line showing on the 3D view. When I click on the line it brings me to the Room Specification and that material is the same as my ceiling material for that room.Brown Line Problem.pdf
  18. I have created a 2nd floor using the "Make a blank plan for second floor" and when I go to the second floor and try to click an area to create a room nothing happens. When I created the second floor I left the roof alone because, more specifically I am trying to create a bonus room above a garage. I built a couple of walls but still nothing. Is there a discussion about this somewhere else or a training video that may help?
  19. Eric, When you asked me to create the new plan it worked as you said. So I went back into my plan to see what I was doing wrong and figured out that I had separated floors in the schedules and was turning off the callouts on the wrong floor. So it is now working. Thanks for your help and sorry for the confusion (on my part).
  20. Eric, No changes to the door labeling, still set up for automatic labeling.
  21. Thanks Eric, I did that but all it did was remove the callout. Joey, That is what I am looking for but I cannot seem to figure out how to use the label as the identifier.