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  1. Understood! I read somewhere about the manual method, but wasn't clear on it! This was the solution I needed - Thank you!
  2. Eric, I have, but I keep getting results opposite of what I am trying to accomplish. I've adjusted the scale under "Texture", but it changes my pattern to 1:1 ratio even with the 12x24 as my scale! I'm not sure if there was a standard size to import created tile at, or if the scaling was done after the files are imported?
  3. Hello! I just found this program and it is a wonderful asset! I am starting to play around with it and can not figure out how to scale the tile correctly once the tile is in the drawing. For example, I want this tile to be scaled to 12x24 in my drawing, but it is clearly showing as smaller than that - can anyone help with this? Or show me a thread to read up on? Thanks! Emily
  4. I should also note that I'm running X10
  5. I'll have to try it myself too. My only concern is that since I'm only drawing a single room, if I start my camera in the room and back out, the wall will block my view. So then I will use the cross-section slider and hope it keeps the lighting on.
  6. @GeneDavis We don't draw other rooms since we remodel only single rooms. I want to be able to ray trace each wall view so I can see each wall of the room, but the rooms are too small for me to get the whole wall in one picture, so I need to back my camera up -and there lies the problem
  7. Hello all, I am somewhat new to CA and am having trouble with ray tracing a single room. When creating a single room to ray trace, I add lights to better see the details. When I ray trace and my camera view is "outside" the room walls, it will not pick up any light and ray trace dark. Any idea on how to correct? Thanks! Emily
  8. New to CA premier. Trying to produce high resolution interior views faster than 1 hour. Any tips?